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Hello and welcome to Amal’s Table.

My name is Amal, which means “hope” in Arabic. I am originally from Yemen, and I came to US in 2004. I have M.Ed. and B.A. degrees in education. My area of interest is educational technology. I had worked as an Arabic language instructor and web/graphic/layout designer at the University of Montana before I decided to dedicate my time to take one of my hobbies (cooking) to a professional level.

I am married to Khaled Huthaily, a professor and head of the Arabic program at the University of Montana. We have two beautiful boys: Emad is 6 years old and Hussam is 5. We live in Missoula, Montana – the “Big Sky Country.”

Why Amal’s Table?

Since I was a young girl, I always loved to go to the kitchen and learn from my mom and friends about different spices and recipes. I grew up, and this interest grew up with me. I am a social person and I like to invite friends for social gatherings. I enjoy cooking food from different regions, especially the Arab world and the US. I add my special “flavor” to the dishes, which makes my friends always ask me for recipes. When I came to the US, I brought a lot of spices with me. However, they did not last more than a year. So, I had to be creative! The secret of my flavor mainly comes from the fact that we don’t always find the ingredients of the original dish. So, “Amal’s Table” is unique because it provides free recipes that are doable, practical and easy-to-make in a Western kitchen – while keeping (or exceeding) the original taste.

In response to the many requests for recipes from my friends and because of my passion for cooking and interest in web/graphic design, I thought of creating this Food Blog.

Sharing and comments

My recipes are shared with you for free. I expect that you will rate them, “Like” them on Facebook, and share the links with others. All photos are taken by me; so, they are copyrighted to Amal’s Table. If you want to use any of the photos for personal or commercial use, please contact me by email and I will be glad to send you photos of higher resolution for fees. Please feel free to leave your comments and questions. I promise to address your questions promptly.

You can contact me directly by sending me an email, and I will personally read your emails and reply to you. I accept any constructive criticism and advice but please no rude, disrespectful or hurtful words. All posts should be related to the topic of the post, and you may post a link that is relevant to the topic but not for advertising.


I am the owner of this blog, which I started with my personal investment. The opinions expressed in this blog are purely and entirely my own. I believe in honesty and integrity, and I am committed to this. Due to the nature of e-commerce, I accept sponsorship, cash advertising, free products, services, travel, tickets, and other forms of compensation from companies and organizations. There might also be paid topics. In that case, I will be selective in choosing topics, and I will give my honest and personal opinion. To advertise on Amal’s Table, please contact me via email.



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